The First Cross-Chain Lending Platform on Aptos


Abelfinance – The first fully decentralized multiple cross-chain lending Defi running on the APTOS network.

  • Coin and “AMM LP Coin” and NFT are supported for lending
  • Support cross-chain lending
  • Make multi-chain assets liquidity is awesome
  • Official Treasury insurance
  • Fully decentralized community autonomy
  • Referenced an implementation of CompoundV2 and was implemented using the MOVE language


Support diversified secured assets, such as AMM LP Coin and NFT, etc
  • LP Coin holders can lend other Coin by pledge LP, instead of destroying LP in order to obtain liquidity
  • Provides mining possibility for coin holders
  • Holders of a single currency obtain interest income and liquidity through Supply Coin to provide airdrop rewards
  • Excess liquidity is regularly invested in compound and other capital pools to generate secondary income
  • Through cross-chain lending, the efficient transfer of multi-chain assets is realized