Apsolut Protocol


A Node As A Service (NAaS)


Apsolut Protocol is a Node As A Service (NAaS) & Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) protocol living on the Aptos Blockchain.

First Idea

Like we’ve already seen on various blockchains, there’s always ONE leading node project. We then started brainstorming about the concept and we found weaknesses, that almost every project faces, the lack of interest for investors few weeks after the project launch, but this problem is even more important on node projects, because it’s built to provide lifetime passive income. We then analyzed the problem and found a solution as presented below :

The problematic

Since a NAaS is based on a “node” ecosystem, most of the projects we have already seen on various blockchains, fail in the transition from “early to long term phase” of the project due to the lack of investment by the founders, no more updates, bad decision making..

The Solution

We wanted to find a way in order to keep the project attractive for everyone, this way implementing a “DAO ecosystem” in the project allows us to give investors the confidence to invest even in the “long term phase” of the project. We are aiming to become a long term project and one of the most influential DAO on the APTOS Blockchain.

Why a Node As A Service protocol?

Nodes will allow early investors to generate tokens and get rewarded for their early adoption, in fact we will see below the utility of our Token in the DAO.

This way early investors will then be able to generate a “passive income” for life, plus they will be able to access more functionalities of the DAO.

We will publish in next coming days the official technical documentation about the different types of nodes/rewards.

What about the DAO?

The DAO will become the main core of the project in the next months following the launch.

We think that the community has a big importance in each decision taken by a project. Because the project is not only about the founders, but about everyone contributing to it, from founders to users. This is why most of the important decisions we are gonna take will be decisions made by YOU, the community.

But the DAO is not only about this, we already started and we will work on collaborations with other projects from the Aptos Blockchain and provide Whitelists for our investors, which can be bought with our native token.

As a conclusion the most important idea to keep in mind is :

The main idea behind our protocol is to be able to provide all our investors with a secure passive income and something sustainable over the long term.