Swap AMM Infrastructure for APTOS blockchain


The goal and vision of Aptoswap is to become the swapping infrastructure in APTOS blockchain.

Aptoswap will be the combination of Uniswap-V2 + Uniswap-V3 + Curve in APTOS blockchain.

We currently implements a Uniswap-V2 like constant product swapping algorithm where liquidity provider could earn their profits by depositing asset(s) to provide liquidity.

Implements the Uniswap-V3 pool for allowing our liquidity provider to customize their liquidity price range for boosting their profits.

Implements the Curve like stable-swap algorithm for stable coin pair trading.

Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem
we will introduce a token reward protocol by distributing the platform profits to those platform token owners:

Aptoswap gain profits by taking a portion of trading fee from users that swap of our platform. A fixed ratio of those profits will be rewarded to liquidity providers while the left profits will be collected and distribute to those Aptoswap Token (APTS) owners.

Compare to other platform, Aptoswap won’t take any “admin fees” but transform distribute those fees to the Aptoswap Token (APTS) evenly based on their share. Thus, owners of Aptoswap Token (APTS) can claim their platform reward based on the amount of share they hold.