Aries Markets


Decentralised Margin Trading on Aptos


At Aries Markets, we believe that user experience is paramount for onboarding the next generation of crypto users. We envision Aries to become the likes of a DeFi “super” App, which will aggregate and simplify the user experience across all of the DeFi on the Aptos ecosystem.

Aries Markets aims to provide users with a CEX-experience which will allow users to borrow, lend, swap and trade with margin via a fully decentralized orderbook and Automated Market Makers (AMM).

The features on Aries Markets:

Aries Money Markets
Over-collateralized lending and borrowing. Users can deposit assets to earn yield and/or borrow assets against collateral for other use

Aries Trade
Spot margin trading is similar to spot trading but it allows the use of the borrowed funds to further capitalize on the future movements of an underlying asset. Margin accounts allow users to borrow funds from our shared liquidity pool which is deposited by other users to earn interest.