A Web3 knowledge-paying-based Q&A system based on socialfi network and Aptos and Sui platform


Quask is a Q&A system based on Web3.0 SocialFi social network, committed to creating a high-quality knowledge sharing, knowledge payment platform.

Question Answering System Based on Web3.0 SocialFi Social Network

Based upon Web3.0 and SocialFi social network, quask is to build a fragmented web3 Quora knowledge sharing Q&A think tank for knowledge-seeking users, meanwhile escorting each knowledge payment.

Quask: Serving Fragmented Knowledge

Quask focus on providing a fragmented growth system and knowledge service system for high-quality questioners/listeners, and mining high-quality Content producers/KOLs/experts and promoting them to a greater level.

Multi-chain Application

Quask will enter the “multi-chain era” where applications will be deployed on multiple chains and ETH/BSC/SUI/POLYGON/NEAR will be supported in the future

Our team

Lennon Jay

A Serial EntrepreneurTiktok Product Manager Building up Tens-of-Millions-of-User PlatformsR&D ExperienceWeb3 Products From 0 to 1 Developing&Operation ExperienceEarly Crypto Participant in 2015Based in US now

Yung Lin

10 yrs+ E- commerce industry experience, Ex Marketing Manager in Singaporean top1 E- commerce company.OG of Crypto and NFT

Jaymie Li

Ex-Microsoft Fin-Services Project ManagementResponsible for Azure Cloud Services Project8 years+ Web2 Project Management of millions usersNFT Collector & Degen