Smarter data for smarter contracts


The Pyth network is a next-generation oracle solution that aims to bring this valuable financial market data to the general public.
The network does so by incentivizing market participants — trading firms, market makers, and exchanges — to share the price data collected as part of their existing operations.
The network aggregates this first-party price data on-chain and makes it available for use by either on- or off-chain applications.
End-users of Pyth data can elect to pay data fees to protect against potential oracle failures.
Delegators choose which product (price feed) and a specific publisher to back to earn data fees in exchange (or lose their stake if the oracle is inaccurate due to publisher faults).
The incentivization system operates through (PYTH) token staking by network participants and fees voluntarily paid to data publishers.
The goal of the design is to make the Pyth network self-sustaining and decentralized.