Carbo Swap

Defi, DEX

Aptos AMM and yield farm with innovative features


CarboSwap is a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) built on Aptos powered by an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that allows our users to oversee transactions without the help of a third-party.
We believe that one way of fighting against centralization of power, opacity and dishonesty is to totally change our current financial system: this can be achieved by properly using DeFi. That’s why we want to make DeFi as attractive as possible to be able to compete with centralized finance.

To do so, CarboSwap is building an easy access for its user-base to provide liquidity and farm, stake/lock tokens and even have access to flashloan services for a small fee.

CarboSwap tackles a common issue with liquidity providing which is impermanent loss (IL) and compensates it through incentives paid out in our native token.
Another feature of CarboSwap is staking and locking native tokens. The rewards paid-out to stakers will be particularly attractive however token emission will be logarithmic to provide sustainability. Rewards will be claimable after a certain period of time or else a penalty will occur. Penalty fees compensate impermanent losses so that no additional tokens are minted.

CarboSwap is looking for sustainabilty rather than a parabolic growth followed by an inevitable long-term failure.