A pioneer DEX and liquidity protocol built on Aptos & Sui


Cetus is a pioneer dex and liquidity protocol built on Aptos blockchain. It focuses on delivering the best trading experience and superior capital efficiency to DeFi users through the process of building its concentrated liquidity protocol and a series of affiliate functional modules. This document describes the concepts relative to Cetus and introduces the core products that it provides.


Trade any token on Aptos in seconds by simply connecting your wallet.
Enjoy better market depth and lower slippage powered by concentrated liquidity.


Achieve 10x capital efficiency than typical AMMs or even higher by concentrating your liquidity in a custom price range. Earn farming rewards automatically by being an active maker.


Build faster and easier than ever based on Cetus’s smart contract and SDK. Tap into the most efficient source of liquidity on Aptos. Establish a growing network of Aptos DeFi apps.


What major benefits can Cetus bring to Aptos and Sui ecosystem?

Capital efficiency is the first thing that Cetus can redefine for this ecosystem, which is powered by its concentrated liquidity algorithm. Both liquidity providers and traders can benefit from this. By concentrating liquidity in an active price range, LPs can earn transaction fees more efficiently. Traders can enjoy low-slippage trading around the spot price during their swaps. In addition, developers can easily build their own products and tip into the most efficient liquidity source of Cetus by integrating with its openly-accessible smart contracts and SDKs.