Decentralized Social Finance/Web3 Portal


ComingChat is a communication application designed to protect user privacy. It consists of five parts: decentralised identification, encrypted communication, crypto.payments, intelligent mini-programs and a Web3 browser with end-to-end encryption, big data and blockchain technology.

The meaning of SocialFi in ComingChat is:
1) Account System (CID)
2) Payment Tool (Omnichain Wallet)
3) Social (Encrypted Chat+DAO Moments)

It mainly solves three problems: people, money and connections, and it provides the basis for DeFi and GameFi.

Encrypted Communication

The chat module in ComingChat is divided into three modes: private chat, encrypted group chat, and non-encrypted group chat. Among them, private chats and encrypted group chats use the signal protocol.

Signal protocol encrypts communication through KDF ratchet algorithm + public key signature, and is the world’s most secure end-to-end communication encryption protocol.


CID is a new type of verifiable identity for the web3.0 world. It allows individuals or organizations to fully own, manage and control their digital identities and their data.

CID consists of 1 to 12 digits and is easy to read, decentralized, compatible, and designed to seamlessly connect people, assets, and information in the web3 world.

Omnichain Wallet

Easy-to-use omnichain self-hosted wallet with private keys stored in the user’s own device, giving the user full control of their digital currency and NFT assets.

  • Cross-chain, convenient, decentralized, one-stop solution for your transaction needs
  • Private key self-sustaining, multi-layer encryption, safe and secure
  • DApp ecological portal, play Web3 economy


ComingChat is the mobile portal for OmniBTC, an omnichain financial platform with the following two core functions.

In the ComingChat ‘OmniSwap’ interface, users can swap native assets on two different chains with one click, without using a cross-chain bridge.

In the ComingChat ‘OmniLending’ interface, users can mortgage multiple assets and borrow multiple stablecoins on any chain with one click.

Web3 Browser

It provides users with entrance to multiple public chain ecological Dapps and classifies these Dapps according to DeFi, DEX and NFT.
You can easily play the Web3 world with just one app, ComingChat, on your cell phone!