Delta Money


Leveraged DeFi Products Built Natively on Aptos


Delta Money is a leveraged yield optimizer built natively on Aptos. Delta Money is a suite of Defi products to earn and grow yield.

– Earn yield on Aptos tokens
– Vault strategies/structured products
– No lockups + low fees

Earn with Delta Money

Delta Money offers a number of Defi tools:

– Sustainably high APY farms both on single-sided/2pool – Leveraged yield farms
– Low fees, loss protection
– 100% community owned platform Users can also launch yield strategies and earn on deposit fees.

Why Delta?

Delta is built to amplify the liquidity layer of Aptos:

– 25+ Projects building on Aptos
– Gain cross protocol yield in 1 location
– Leveraged positions

Delta will be positioned to grow in tandem with new projects and boost liquidity across the ecosystem.