The most developer friendly on-chain order book on AptosLabs ecosystem


Ferum is an asset-agnostic, consolidated limit order book (CLOB) that provides unprecedented control to liquidity providers, currently deployed on the Aptos Blockchain.
Protocols that integrate with Ferum immediately gain the benefits of consolidated liquidity and best-in-class trading infrastructure, while market makers benefit from the combined trade volume.

Our Mission

We believe democratizing access to financial tools will drastically improve economic growth worldwide. With Ferum, we want to help onboard the next billion monthly active traders (MATs) and grow on-chain trade volume to $10T.

Democratizing Liquidity Provisioning

Historically, liquidity provisioning was limited to a handful of sophisticated market makers. With the advent of Automatic Market Making (AMMs), providing liquidity became more accessible with some drawbacks like impermanent loss and sandwich attacks. Building Ferum, we wanted to combine both the accessibility of AMMs but also preserve the flexibility of order book-based market making. The result is a CLOB that additionally enables the deployment of capital via a Smart Liquidity Vaults.

We currently provide two paths for providing liquidity to the protocol:

  • Limit Order Book API —> Market makers have the option to integrate with Ferum’s order book smart contract and indexer API.
  • Smart Liquidity Vaults -—> Automatic strategy-based deployment of liquidity directly on the order book.

Why use Ferum?

For Protocols

  • Best in-class developer experience. From documentation to indexing support, Ferum will help you launch as quickly as possible.
  • Help to get in touch with market-making partners for liquidity provisioning.

For Liquidity Providers

  • Access to yield from trading activity in decentralized markets.
  • Unprecedented control and flexibility over decentralized liquidity provisioning.

For Traders

  • Better prices and access to deeper liquidity.