Fletch Wallet


Mobile wallet app for Aptos


Fletch Wallet is a non-custodial web3 wallet built for the Aptos blockchain, aimed to provide users with a simple interface and a smooth user experience to access protocols built on Aptos blockchain securely. With Fletch Wallet, users can transfer, store, and monitor crypto assets while also interacting with built-in decentralized applications without jeopardizing security.

Fletch Wallet joins a host of other wallets available on Aptos but has chosen to stand out in some many ways.


  • Aptos Names Service: just like every other L1 blockchain, Aptos has its own naming service that allows users to interact easily without the hassle of utilizing hash codes. We have integrated the ANS on Fletch Wallet for users to send/receive coins using their Aptos names.
  • Cross-Chain swaps: using Fletch Wallet, users will be able to bridge coins between Aptos and other blockchains in the app and will get to choose from several order routes that’ll be provided by our partners.
  • Regular Coin Swaps: Fletch wallet will allow users to swap coins directly from the wallet. This will be done by integrating different swaps to choose from.
  • Send and Receive Coins: Fletch wallet users will be able to transfer tokens or a specific token from their account to a specified receiver’s address without hassle.

Safety and Security:

The Security and safety of Fletch Wallet users is of utmost priority. From encryption of user’s seed and secure storage, inbuilt dapps to reduce malicious websites attacks, to code audits, Fletch Wallet implements all possible security measures and we’re always on the lookout for latest security best practices to ensure total safety of stored assets.

Keystone Wallet Integration: As part of the plans for additional security, Fletch Wallet will integrate hardware wallets starting with Keystone wallet to allow users to store their assets more safely.

Beyond all the aforementioned features, Fletch Wallet looks forward to building a web3 wallet on Aptos that will do more than enable sending and receiving of assets. Part of the future plans for Fletch Wallet is an inbuilt dashboard with which users can access DEFI protocols and other Dapps directly from their wallet. Activities such as swaps, lending, and liquidity provisioning will be done directly in your wallet; a truly decentralized web3 wallet.