The First AI-powered NFT SaaS For Social

Introduction provides the First AI-powered NFT SaaS for Social, which integrates NFT content and social attributes to provide a one-click experience for NFT creation, publishing and sharing. Forart provides a direct co-creation space for NFT artists and enthusiasts, so that artistic inspiration and market demand can be reached in the Forart space.

Forart encourages NFT artists to create NFT artwork materials and accessories of various themes in Forart’s CO-NFT Pools. Users of the platform can choose the NFT series of their favorite themes for minting, through the NFT materials provided by the NFT artists and the Forart platform. The creation and transaction information of NFTs will be released in the social area of the platform. Users can like their favorite NFT artists and minters, and share the platform’s FTA coin mining revenue.

The higher the activity of NFT artists and minters, the higher the popularity of the NFT they co-created, and the higher the NFT mining APY they can enjoy. Fans who like it at the same time will get mining APY together.

Forart has realized an AI-driven NFT DIY social platform. We unite NFT artists, NFT enthusiasts and platform users, and use the SaaS services provided by the platform to create NFT artworks that everyone likes.


1) AI technology driven
Forart will build an AI-driven NFT creation platform to explore the mode of art creation with artificial intelligence and humans. Forart will provide NFT style transfer kits based on neural network algorithms and Text-to-NFT kits based on deep learning algorithms. The style transfer kit can give NFTs a new artistic style, which will produce unexpected artistic fusion effects. The Text-to-NFT kit will directly create NFT artworks that meet the needs based on the user’s text description. This is human art understood by the AI robot itself, and it is a very unique artistic creation. We will continue to explore more AI-driven art creation aids to promote the diverse development of the NFT ecosystem.

2) NFT SaaS
Forart will provide a unified and standard SaaS service for the NFT ecosystem, launch an AI-assisted NFT creation agreement, a co-creation agreement between NFT artists and NFT enthusiasts, and provide basic services such as NFT mining, NFT social networking, and NFT blind boxes. The Forart SaaS service is like a piece of Lego bricks. Users can choose the kit that best suits their needs, or they can arrange and combine different Lego modules to build a brand new artwork and gameplay.

3) NFT social
Forart is a decentralized social platform where NFT artists and NFT enthusiasts co-create and communicate. In terms of creative content, the artist’s artistic accomplishment will be in line with the needs of art lovers. In terms of creation economy, there is no economic commission from third-party platforms, NFT creators and minters will share the NFT creation revenue, and the higher the activity, the higher the platform APY will be.