A Web 3.0 marketing influence network for projects


Genki is a Web 3.0 community on-ramp platform where blockchain projects, channels, users and validators can build new connections in a trustless way.

Genki helps content creators, influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) to navigate their audience toward valuable experiences, in a decentralized way. 

Through performing simple social tasks and offering on-chain quests where the users can earn in the process, Genki is able to benefit projects, content creators, influencers and their audiences.

Through Genki collating accurate data for each influencer and user’s on-chain profiles, projects can save time and cut down the cost of searching for valuable influencers and engaged users. 

Projects can then go one step further by launching marketing and community quests via Genki to target those engaged on-chain users.

What Can Users Gain?

Users would be able to explore new projects at their early phase, existing and booming projects of various sectors in the crypto space such as DeFI, GameFi, DAOs and so much more. Learn and earn, collect NFTs and increase your rank by completing quests on Genki.