Gateway for Creating Trading Digital Assets on Aptos


ItsRare a one-stop shop Marketplace built on the Aptos blockchain where you can create, snipe, or sell all top-tier NFT collections.

We are a small team of experienced blockchain developers, front-and back-end developers, market analysts, product designers, and operations managers.

A few features that have already been implemented are listed below.

The home page of a marketplace is one of the most important due to the fact that it should be able to provide a general overview to a user. For this reason, its rare team spent a significant amount of time building a beautiful and smooth homepage in addition to displaying stats from notable collections.

The creation and listing of NFT projects will be done automatically, as we offer creators the freedom of uploading several types of formats (jpg, png, gif, mp4, mp3, etc.), uploading metadata, rarity files, etc.

Individual creators can also upload and list their own works, which will be well referenced and accessible to everyone.

It is impossible to discuss NFT trading without mentioning accepting and rejecting offers. It is an essential feature in any marketplace worthy of the name.

NFT auctions are also a way for creators to be able to sell their NFTs more easily, so it’s a priority for us.

The launchpad will house the majority of the NFTs that will be listed. It will not be limited to a single project, so you may see multiple projects lining up on the launchpad at times.

This functionality is also extremely crucial for new projects, so we made certain to code it ahead of time on the smart contract. All you need is a list of addresses, an excel spreadsheet, and a few clicks.

We have reimagined the way users can claim airdrops, allowing them to do so in a fun and interactive way never seen before.