Kana Labs


Friendly super-app for DeFi on Solana, Neon & Aptos


Kana Labs is a wallet-based multi-functional product suite that caters to all key DeFi needs in Solana, Neon and many more ecosystems.

Swap, stake, farm, lend, borrow, and more in a single multi-chain wallet-based application.

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The team behind the development has undertaken various projects in finance and technology over the past 20 years.

Kana Labs leverages long experience in traditional finance and uplifts it to a new generation of users in the crypto community.
At Kana Labs, we aim at providing our users with the best pricing on a wide range of DeFi services via aggregated pricing, cross-chain, and wallet solutions in a fast, secure, and lower gas fees environment

At Kana Labs we embraced the culture and trends natural to the blockchain industry. As a startup, Kana Labs is looking to build an open-minded, fun, and excellence-driven team. The team is a small yet diverse group of innovators, spread around the world, with different backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnic groups.

Kana Labs is focusing on respect and inclusion to build a healthy work environment and internally reflect the heterogeneous community of the blockchain industry.