Defi, DEX

DeFi/DEX aggregator starts on Aptos/Sui


KX.finance is an upcoming DeFi/DEX Aggregator which will be built on Aptos/Sui blockchain to aid in the launch of projects as well as manages yields for users of the platform. The product rebalances algorithm by providing LP with a deeper liquidity service infrastructure than other products on the Aptos/Sui blockchain ecosystem. This it does, by supporting new types of EIP-3525 and SFT asset transactions and cross-chain transactions thereby creating a safe, liquid digital asset economy for users and LP partners.

The platform allows users to get more KX tokens in x-to-earn ways, liquidity providers get to earn more trade fees via an optimized rebalance algorithm, and of course the ability to trade almost any asset with a single DEX.

The company is aiming to expand its user base. On the consumer side, they have shifted certain PancakeSwap-like games to the Aptos and Sui ecosystem. The product looks more appealing to potential customers with the increased investment of Binance Labs in Aptos.