Decentralized oracle platform based Aptos and Sui


MetaOracle is a decentralized high-frequency oracle and prediction market platform based on the aptos blockchain. The outcome of the MetaOracle prediction market is chosen by users who hold MetaOracle governance tokens, who stake their tokens on the actual observed outcome, and in return receive settlement fees from the market.

MetaOracle’s governance mechanisms and incentive structure, ensuring that accurate reporting of results is always the most beneficial option for governance token holders.

MetaOracle’s protocol stack and system architecture ensure that it can meet a wide range of different needs in the event prediction market. MetaOracle will incentivize ecological partners to provide users with decentralized product-as-a-service/platform-as-a-service.

What can MetaOracle achieve?

The odds oracle machine developed by MetaOracle is mainly used to initialize conditions and provide reference for event process and results. It is expected that MetaOracle will integrate with multiple oracle and data source providers and perform contract fulfillment based on the resulting data.

MetaOracle uses the principle of dynamic optimization. Initially, MetaOracle will trust the data provider, but anyone can file a dispute to bring the data provided by the data provider under scrutiny.