Mojito Markets


The global decentralised prediction markets


Mojito Markets is a decentralized, peer-to-peer betting exchange built on the Aptos blockchain. It enables non-custodial and trustless betting, resolution and settlement of predictions without reliance on a centralized exchange.

Mojito Markets is building the world’s premier prediction markets protocol on the blockchain. A protocol that encourages innovation and development through a community of builders and users who have a stake in the protocol while utilizing the enhanced platform security, user privacy, payment facilitation and settlement that the Aptos blockchain enables.

We’re doubling down on the Aptos blockchain to not only rival traditional sporting betting sites in terms of speed and UI but also deliver the next generation of prediction market products.

Why Aptos?

Aptos is designed with performance and safety in mind, and builds upon the best ideas of existing L1s: Parallelizable transactions for high throughput (Solana), easy to use smart contract language (Ethereum), and proof of stake consensus. Aptos runs on Move VM, an efficient and fast environment; Move makes it easier to write safe, auditable contracts. Aptos will also allow for instantaneous transactions at a negligible cost to the consumer, making it clear that Aptos is the best place to build Mojito Markets.

Devnet is live!

Our current devnet offers the first of a set of Mojito Markets products, a ‘pari-mutuel’ style betting platform. Pari-mutuel betting, also known as pool betting, is a system in which all bets are placed into a shared pool. The final payout is then calculated by taking the total amount wagered and subtracting the amount of the house’s take. The remaining amount is then split evenly among those who made the winning selection. You’ll be offered “probable odds’’ based on the breakdown of the betting pool at the time with odds becoming clearer towards the end of the betting period.