Momentum Safe


The first and best multi-signature wallet on Aptos


Momentum Safe is the most secure, extensible multi-signature wallet solution on MOVE ecosystem, currently LIVE on Aptos DevNet & TestNet.
With Momentum Safe, you are able to make MOVE assets, resources, and code more secure for you and your organization.

What can you do with Momentum Safe?

Momentum Safe supports a wide range of functionalities.
  • Treasury management
  • MOVE module deployment
  • MOVE module admin controls (E.g. emergency stop, protocol parameter change)
  • Interact with other applications such as staking, lending, yield farming.

System Components

The Momentum Safe components are as follows
  1. Momentum Safe Backend: The backbone of Momentum Safe. The backend of Momentum Safe uses a combination of MOVE module and Aptos native multi-ed25519 multi-sig to implement the multi-signature wallet.
  2. SDK: The typescript SDK to interact with Momentum Safe wallet. SDK is used by Momentum Safe web application and Momentum Safe CLI tool. SDK can also be used for external third-party integrations. 
  3. Web App MSafe: The Web application interface to interact with Momentum Safe.
  4. CLI MSafe: The CLI interactive tool to interact with momentum safe. Supports MOVE module deployment and smart contract interactions. 
  5. Minimum DAPP SDK (Coming soon): DAPP SDK that talks through IFrame to allow third party DAPP to interact with momentum safe users. 


The momentum safe design ensures that our product has the same level of security as Aptos core protocol.
Because the last step momentum safe transaction is executed by Aptos native multi-ed25519 standard, momentum safe wallet is secured Aptos core protocol. The only vulnerability is that the signing function implemented in Aptos core protocol is compromised, which is almost impossible and secured by cryptography premises.
This also help Momentum Safe free from some other potential security concerns of smart contract implementation of multi-sig wallet, like double spending, transaction execution sequence, e.t.c. All these concerns have been already addressed in Aptos transaction model.