The first one-stop launchpad on Aptos


Mover, the first one-stop launchpad on Aptos, after months of hard work, We are sending our first greetings to the community. Based on MOVE, move to Web3. It’s not only a slogan, but also a practical building.

For ambitious projects, Mover will provide an assets distribution platform with great experiences, such as a simple user registration interface, filtering qualified users and asset issues. Meanwhile, we believe exposure matters for the project. There are more than 300,000 community members following Mover. Researchers, marketing specialists, and KOLs are all in, only thing projects need to do is show your solid project building plan.

For users, we are drawing a membership plan, that will ensure everyone who joined the Mover community will get their deserved bonus. We will also together will the community recommend selective projects to you.