The First AMM + Order Book Hybrid Liquidity DEX


MovEX is a concentrated liquidity AMM + order book hybrid liquidity DEX aiming to provide the best trading experience for traders and liquidity provision experiences for liquidity providers and project creators.

Intelligent Liquidity Allocation Service

MovEX is more than a DEX. We also provide peripheral services to related stakeholders. A project creator is constantly bothered by efficiently providing liquidity for their project tokens. It’s often unclear to project creators at what price range they should provide liquidity or how they should allocate liquidity at different price ranges. They usually don’t have the infrastructure or tools to rebalance their liquidity when their token price fluctuates. All of the above lead to poor capital utilization, suboptimal market making, volatility, and even the collapse of token prices.

MovEX’s intelligent liquidity allocation service aims to help project creators to avoid the hustle of manually adjusting liquidity and boost their capital efficiency and market-making returns. Our liquidity allocation engine runs an optimizer internally, produces the mathematically proven optimal liquidity allocation under a particular utility function, and automatically adjusts the liquidity for users in a decentralized and non-custodial fashion.