Infamous (NFMS) is the first gamified dynamic NFT project being built on the #Aptos blockchain.


Infamous (NFMS) is the first gamified dynamic NFT project being built on the Aptos blockchain. Each anime-style NFT can level-up through different idle mechanics to become more powerful and unlock new weapons, appearances, and content!


Founder – Ling
Founder of ChainIDE | Builder of Matrix World | Web3 Geek | Player | Researcher in Metaverse, Blockchain, GameFi, Middleware, and Web3

Tim – R&D
Backend architect, ex-Amazon engineer | Web3 Veteran | Tech lead of ChainIDE & Matrix Market

Alvin – R&D
Ph.D. in CS | Blockchain Researcher | Co-Founder of Matrix Labs

Josh – Product
Digital designer | Engagement expert | Master of the Metaverse

Elliott – Design
Senior executive and creative strategist | Jack of all trades | Ex-Fashion | Now Web 3 | CEO of Amythest NFT

Alen – Growth
Ecosystem Builder | NFT collector | Web 3 investor | Holder of BAYC, Doodles, CloneX | Executive director

Team background

Matrix Labs is experienced with building Web3 applications and infrastructures. We co-produced several NFT and metaverse projects across various blockchains, including Matrix World, PhantaBear, and Rivermen. We also built Matrix Market, the first NFT marketplace that automatically syncs all NFTs on Flow. We co-built ChainIDE, an online dApp IDE that supports 10 different blockchains.

We are also experienced in Move language, and we built the very first interactive Move language tutorial called chain Castle in 2019.