Nighly Wallet


Multi-Chain Wallet on Aptos, Solana and Near


Nightly is a complex ecosystem. The wallet is just the beginning, and in this post, we will focus on it.
Nightly Wallet is a multi-chain wallet, currently working on NEAR and Solana.
It allows to send and swap tokens and display NFTs. All of it in a single place.

Why Nightly Wallet?

  • SAFETY – Your funds are safe & sound. Our code is of the highest quality, written by experienced developers, so you don’t need to give it the benefit of the doubt.
  • CONVENIENCE – The primary goal is to make Nightly a handy wallet, as it’s the most used application while surfing Web3.
  • SPEED – Fennecs are fast, and so is Nightly wallet – even 5x more than its alternatives.
  • ACCESSIBILITY – Mobile is the future, therefore you will soon be able to install Nightly on your phone, which will extend the use of our wallet even more.

The Future of Nightly Wallet

Above all, our goal for Nightly Wallet is to expand into as many blockchains as possible.

Although it’s a wallet for now, it is only the beginning. As we mentioned above, Nightly is a whole ecosystem, featuring Nightly Connect and Nightly Mobile. This and much more is ahead of us!