The ‘DAppStore’ on Aptos


OceanPark is a WEB 3 gaming park built on Aptos, dedicated to introducing the world of Web3 to a diverse spectrum of everyday consumers. We plan to introduce more than 1 billion WEB3 users to APTOS.

  • Traffic Drawing
    OceanPark will put ADs and social entertainment content on various social media to attract a large number of users interested in web3 games to OceanPark.

  • Excellent Gaming Experience
    OceanPark provides users with more than 100 leisure games. Users can choose their favorite ways to pass the time or play with friends on social media.

  • Gain Rewards on Aptos
    In addition to experiencing the game, users will get various value rewards in the game. Users need to create wallets on Aptos to harvest rewards.