Building standards & tooling for games and NFT creators


OriginByte provides tools, standards and smart contracts designed to make life easier for NFT creators and Web3 Game Developers.

OriginByte is a collection of NFT smart contracts and toolsets designed for creating, launching and displaying NFTs with ease. As a team in close contact with the Sui community — we are constantly building and adjusting our development standards based on the feedback and needs of creators.

Why Sui?

OriginByte is built on Sui because Sui is well-designed for creators and developers of all types. Sui is horizontally scalable to support a wide range of application development with unrivaled speed at a low cost. With this unique design architecture, and a particular focus on gaming, Sui is positioning itself as the next blockchain to onboard the next billion users into web3.

In Sui, you write Smart Contracts with the Move Programming language. Move is an open source language for writing safe and expressive smart contracts. It was originally developed at Facebook to power the Diem blockchain. However, Move was designed as a platform-agnostic language to enable common libraries, tooling, and developer communities across blockchains with vastly different data and execution models.