First fully decentralized Q&A protocol for Web3


Peeranha – decentralized questions and answers website that rewards users with crypto tokens for their contributions

Peeranha is more than a Q&A website. It is a community that puts users at the heart by:

  • Rewarding Users with Crypto
    Peeranha motivates to ask questions and provide relevant answers as they are rewarded with PEER crypto tokens.
  • All question and answers in one place
    Peeranha puts power in the hands of the Web3 projects. We help to grow faster and access the structured knowledgebase.
  • Valuing Early Adopters
    Peeranha generously rewards early users for their time. As the website grows, rewards will even out and be distributed to more members of the community.


Getting Help from the Community

Peeranha has passionate experts from all areas of life that are ready to help others. Users can return the favor by helping thousands of others answer questions they may also have. Users can get the answers to their questions in a matter of minutes.

Sharing Knowledge

Experts contribute to the community by answering questions from their peers. Answers not only help the person who asked the question but thousands of others who have similar questions. Once a question has been answered, the knowledge can be shared with current and future users.

Receiving Crypto Token Rewards

A weekly pool of reward tokens is distributed to users for their contributions. Contributions consist of posting and answering questions. Reward tokens can be sold on the open market to anyone wanting to pay for content to be placed on the platform. An example of paid content can be product advertisements or job openings. Users are always rewarded for their valuable contributions.

Earning Reputation

As users build their level of contributions, they also improve their reputation. The community recognizes valuable contributors that answer questions for others. Earning a high reputation unlocks privileges and the user’s standing within the community increases!

Governing the Community

Governing the community is in the hands of its members. The best decisions for the platform result in higher token values. Through the governance structure built into Peeranha, the website is moderated by its users. As a decentralized, open source project, the future is decided by the user. Much like a local community, your voice matters.