Petra Wallet


A crypto wallet on Aptos, built by Aptos Labs


Petra Wallet is an interface to the Aptos blockchain. Petra Wallet is a free web application. Using Petra Wallet, a user can store and transfer assets, create and view NFTs, and interact with the decentralized applications (dApps), all on the Aptos blockchain.

NOTE: Petra Wallet is currently available as a browser extension on Google Chrome.

With the browser extension installed, Petra allows you to engage with Web3 apps (or distributed applications) on the Aptos blockchain.

🛡Security matters.
– Petra encrypts your keys and mnemonics on your device
– Import private keys and mnemonics into your wallet
– Rotate your private key from within the wallet if needed
– Easily review and simulate transactions before signing them

🔭 Explore confidently.
– Transfer coins and view NFTs all from within the extension
– Interact with NFT Marketplaces, DeFi applications, and other dApps
– Store and switch between multiple accounts easily