The Web3 Observability and Monitoring Platform for Blockchain Nodes


 Scale3 — a web3 infrastructure company building developer tools. Our inaugural product is Autopilot — the web3 platform for monitoring and maintaining blockchain nodes and networks. We’re on a mission to improve the quality, observability and security of blockchain nodes and networks globally.

We have raised $5.3M in seed funding, led by Redpoint Ventures, with participation from MystenLabs and Howard University. We are particularly excited to partner with MystenLabs and build support for the Sui ecosystem as our first blockchain network. Shortly thereafter, we will launch our beta for a select number of node operators in the Sui ecosystem, and will gradually ramp up to all node operators on the Sui ecosystem as Sui goes live on mainnet. In the coming months, we will continue to grow our technical team, expand to multiple protocols, and build core crypto infrastructure products to help foster a blockchain-enabled world.

Despite the recent downturn in cryptocurrency prices, blockchains have experienced immense growth over the last few years. According to Electric Capital’s 2021 Developer Report, there are now 18K+ monthly active developers, 500K+ code repositories, and over 160M code commits in Web3. Additionally, there are still more than 10-figures of dollars transacted across the major blockchain networks, on a daily basis. TL;DR: The Web3 world is here to stay.

However, blockchain reliability has been a constant challenge for many builders in Web3. Blockchain networks are fundamentally non-linear in nature. As a network grows, it is important the quality of the nodes operating on the network scales with it to guarantee high levels of security and reliability. We’ve first-hand experienced the challenges of managing blockchain nodes during our time at Coinbase — where we focused on all things related to node operations. During our time there, we learned that Web2 observability solutions are built with certain assumptions that work in the Web2 world. In Web3, every protocol and the associated node software differs from one another. As a result, building observability tooling for a multi-node and multi-protocol world is extremely complex because each protocol requires custom instrumentation and tooling. Web2 observability software applications simply did not provide us with the level of intelligence we needed.

Builders being builders — we decided to build a platform that solves this exact problem for any node operator in Web3. Our inaugural product, Autopilot, is a platform for monitoring and maintaining your blockchain nodes and networks. It provides a monitoring dashboard for your nodes, real-time alerting, one-click node upgrades, global network visibility, and community intelligence, all with just a few clicks if you have a running node. We have several features and products in our roadmap that we are excited to build for any node operator, node hosting provider, blockchain foundation or protocol team to utilize while managing their core infrastructure.