SEA protocol


Ultimate trading platform built on SUI and Aptos


Sea protocol is the ultimate DEX base on order-book & AMM on Aptos & Sui.

Sea protocol leverages the hyper parallelization of Aptos/Sui to bring incredible speed, reliability, and cost effectiveness to decentralized trading.

  • permissionless
  • No KYC
  • Anti-censorship
  • hybird of order-book and AMM
  • spot market, perp market, forex market, synthetic markets
  • with limit order, market order, post-only order suport
  • with IOC, FOK order support
  • grid order
  • trading is mining. we will incentivize both traders and LPs
  • trade any asset, anywhere, anytime
  • market infrastructure

Where We’re Going

Currently, we are still under heavy development.

We will focus on the APTOS chain in the short term. The process is following:

  • Contract. The contract part is almost done, we need more tests;
  • SDK. The typescript/javascript SDK is on the way, maybe released next week;
  • UI/UX part is in design.