Seam Money


Multi-chain distributed yield solution for structured DeFi products


Seam is building the first structured staking platform for LPs for institutions and everyday users on aptos.

What we are building

  1. Seam Staking – staked APT as a defi primitive
  2. Seam Yield : multi-protocol composed stratigies
  3. Seam Dao : participant incentivized validator management platform and tooling

Seam aims to add value and composability to theaptos ecosystem by:

  1. providing a mechanism for transfering the ability to claim a stake position on a validator(s)
  2. allow the sale of these contracts via (traditional,dutch and fixed auctions)
  3. allow users to compose complex positions across Pools, Orderbooks and lending markets

Why stake with Seam?

Seam allows users to split stake deposits across multiple validators, and transfer the ability to claim the staked APT. This is ideal not only for decentralization of the network, but also also creates a more stable ROI for the ‘staker’, and allows the user to stake any amount below the minimum stake requirements of a validator, or above the stake capacity of a single validator. as rewards fluctuate with validator performance and is dependent on its inclusion in the validator set