NFT dApp for Aptos, Sui and StarkWare


Snotra is a revenue sharing staking-as-a-service platform focused on quality, speed, and self-service.
Free and painless set-up for the project owner. Revenue stream generated through small transaction fees will be shared with Snotra NFTs holders.

Snotra is a collection of 1618 creative and unique NFT’s with different features.
They are unique NFT’s stored in the Aptos network.

Snotra will select projects based on different criteria but will not limit to the blockchain used by the project for the developments. While multiple launchpads are single-blockchain based, Snotra will allow participants staking $SNR tokens to participate in projects, whatever the blockchain is. Snotra is a staking platform of all NFT projects in the Aptos network and project Dapp will cover and stake all affairs.


Snotra aims to be the leading Decentralized Exchange (DEX) of Apto’s ecosystem, offering a “best in class”, secure, user-friendly, cryptocurrency trading platform which is accessible to users of any experience. Our comprehensive platform allows users to:
Buy into the Snotra ecosystem by purchasing our native token, $SNR.
Add liquidity to token pairs to receive liquidity provider tokens thru trading fees Stake $SNR in Staking Pools to earn $SNR and NFT’s from partner projects Stake $SNR tokens in Yield Farms to earn $SNR.

Snotra DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are digitally native communities that center around a shared mission. Decentralized, because they are owned by the community, driven by the members, and organized horizontally, in contrast to hierarchical and bureaucratic traditional organizations.
DAOs will play a key role in blockchain and Web 3.0 development. DAOs are a worldwide trend in the present but will keep evolving in the future. Without DAOs, the Aptos ecosystem is not complete, and we are very bullish on all of the possibilities for DAOs.

DAOs are supranational, because they are outside any single nation state jurisdiction. If NFTs are the Future of the Internet, DAOs are the Future of Work.