The most trusted multisig platform on Solana & Aptos


What is Snowflake Automation?

Snowflake is the first on-chain automation platform built for Solana. Snowflake network empowers developers and end-users to schedule & automate hundreds of smart contracts in one unified on-chain platform. Snowflake operates at two levels – application and infrastructure.

To developers, Snowflake is the on-chain scheduler and automation infrastructure of Solana.

To end-users, Snowflake is the Zapier of Crypto. We make it effortless for users to compose all kinds of automation without writing a single line of code.

Snowflake fills a fundamental missing gap in web3 stack, that is, smart contracts today cannot be scheduled or self-executed without relying on someone to trigger them manually. Snowflake makes web3 on-chain automation possible by providing the most frictionless, reliable, yet decentralised and trustless automation platform that builders and end users can depend on for their most critical tasks.

Snowflake Safe

Snowflake Safe – the most secure & feature-rich multisig platform on Solana.

A multi-signature wallet allows a group of users to approve a transaction before it can be executed. Many individuals and teams desire to have multiple parties sign off on a transaction, such as payments or withdrawals before it can be executed. This allows for more robust security, as it spreads the responsibility of your digital assets to multiple parties, and avoids a single point of failure in the case of a compromised individual or wallet.