NextGen Smart Trading NFT Market on Aptos & Solana


Souffl3 is a NextGen Smart Trading NFT Marketplace where aggregating all the information, providing trading options in 1 place, rid the user of the pain and hassleā€¦ we are also building a comprehensive smart trading system that provide users with a in-depth, high speed, and highly competitive NFT analytical toolset to help them discover gems across the market faster.

As a result, users on Souffl3 will be able to discover opportunities faster, buy them sooner and profit more than other platforms, thereby leading to a much higher spending desire for users on our platform.


We are an experienced team in crypto with high-level MOVE engineers and mkt&operation team who have built up a community of 500K+ on other blockchians. The team has previous experience in developing ETH, Solana, etc.
The team has deep experience in dealing with big data and Web 3 on-chain experience, we came from a background of developing billion user scale application and dealing with building data applications catering to 1.2 billion users. The team has a high capacity in fast product development and adoption.