A Social Metaverse Platform


SOULMETA is a decentralized soul social metaverse open to users around the world. 

SOULMETA is a stranger social relationship platform created on Binance Smart Chain based on blockchain technology. The platform itself does not provide a chat function, but provides an opportunity to build social relationships between strangers.

Users can mint their own photos and contact information into a large number of NFTs at low cost through the platform, which can then be made into blind boxes and put into the smart contract pool.  
Other users can obtain photos and contact information of strangers by purchasing blind boxes, so as to realize the establishment of social relations between strangers. In this process, when a user buys a blind box and obtains the contact information of a stranger, its blind box minter can get 25% of the sales as a reward.
Buyers will be rewarded with a Soul token, which can be used to redeem USDT bonuses and increase the completion rate of blind box sales.

Project Features

As a truly decentralized SocialFi application, users do not need KYC certification when using the SOULMETA platform. The platform itself does not provide a built-in chat function, but through blockchain and NFT technology, combined with the form of a blind box, establishes a medium for information exchange, providing an opportunity for strangers to establish social relationships. At the same time, users can earn USDT income by minting their own NFT blind box on the platform, and can also earn TOKEN income by opening the blind box.

SOULMETA has established a reserve pool through decentralized smart contracts, and 25% of the revenue from each blind box sale will go into the public reserve pool. Since the smart contract is deployed on the blockchain, its data information is open and transparent, and any user can verify the data at any time. The algorithm burning mechanism refers to the fact that blind box minters can burn Soul tokens to increase the probability of their NFTs being acquired by purchasers. When Soul is burned to the point where only 100 million remain, the USDT in the reserve contract pool will be released to users who hold Soul.