The Workplace Metaverse


Hi! Welcome to SoWork, where our Mission is to move work from the Earth to the Cloud. We are a super tight-knit team, originally founded and incubated at Harvard, but we’ve since gone global (of course!). We now span plenty of continents and countries, and are so darn excited to be building The Workplace Metaverse – the place where great teams love to work.

Nearly two decades ago, a group of our teammates met playing World of Warcraft, and it completely changed the way we looked at teamwork, collaboration, and what was possible using social time online. Even though we were on three different continents at the time, we built real relationships, pwned Alliance noobs together, and became best friends. Now, we’re out to build a massively multiplayer, social, online workplace (hence S-o-Work!) to power the new world of work.