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The first full-featured DEX for the Move ecosystem


Starswap, as a decentralized exchange with the most feature-rich Move smart contract language, has been running stably on the Starcoin blockchain (a blockchain platform based on the Move smart contract language) for more than 6 months since March 2022.

During this period, we have won a large number of users and countless praises. At the same time, we have encountered many challenges. With the support of the community and the continuous efforts of technical personnel, we have overcome many difficulties. Thanks to all community participants for their dedication.

Today, we are delighted to officially announce that Starswap will focus on the Move Smart Language blockchain and launch a “Multi-Chain Support Plan”

The plan is to recruit developers to deploy Starswap to Aptos and Sui using the Move language, and we will optimize the economic model to make it more suitable for multiple chains.

We hope that users on Aptos and Sui can have a stable, fast, and low-cost token exchange function, as good as the experience on Starcoin.

The first version of Starswap will adopt the AMM model and provide Swap, Pool, Farm, Stake, and Boost functions.

In subsequent versions, Starswap will upgrade the AMM model to the CLMM model, and will also introduce a stablecoin Swap model algorithm similar to Curve to reduce transaction slippage between stablecoins and provide a better trading experience.


Starswap allows the free exchange of two tokens, which will provide a safe and reliable fast and low-cost Swap trading experience.


Starswap allows two tokens to be freely exchanged and charges only a 0.3% transaction fee, and for stablecoin trading pairs, a 0.05% transaction fee is charged. 5/6 of the transaction fee goes to the liquidity pool as a fee for providing liquidity.

If you put a pair of tokens of equal value into the pool, you can share these transaction fees in proportion to the investment.


You can put the LP Token obtained by providing liquidity into the Farm pool for liquidity mining, and also earn transaction fees in the transaction pool.

Starswap will provide a variety of Farm pools, and the income base of each Farm pool will be voted by the DAO organization.


You can pledge Star tokens as a single currency and get income with VeStar (SBT-type tokens cannot be transferred and traded). We are exploring the use of VeStar stake to obtain voting governance rights in DAO. This function has been experimented with in Starcoin. We will also incorporate it into the multi-chain support plan.


When you Stake, you will get a certain amount of VeStar at the same time, you can stake VeStar to a farm pool, and you can increase the rate of return in the Farm pool.