Stratios Labs


Liquid Staking on Aptos


Stratios Labs is a non-custodial liquid staking protocol building on Aptos. You will be able to stake your $APT tokens with our automated staking and receive back $sAPT this will be usable via many swaps, staking, farming, and borrow/lend platforms.

How Does it work?

1)Deposit your $APT
2)The price of $sAPT goes up relative to $APT at every epoch.
3)You will be able to withdraw your $APT instantly with a small fee or withdrawal and wait until the lockup period expires.
4)You can also directly exchange $sAPT for $APT

Why did we start Stratios Labs?

The team at Stratios believes liquid staking is a right and a basic building block of Defi. We want to be able to offer you liquidity on your Aptos tokens while providing you an ecosystem you can actually use them and compound your interest.

Why should you stake Aptos?

Aptos like every Proof of stake chain is run by computers called Validators, if you stake with the validators they reward you with more of the same coin $APT every epoch.

Why should you stake with Stratios Labs?

We are here to secure the network by spreading the stake to many validators, so the chain stays fair and censorship-resistant. That is what we are doing. We believe Aptos should be a fair chain, you can help us keep it that way.