Sui Name Service $SNS


Building a community-run name service


The $SNS is about the community coming together and building something together.
It’s about using the historically revolutionary technology that Sui is for a commercial purpose that consumers can actually use. The $SNS is so focused on gaming because it is the parallel most natural for crypto-currency to break into. People who use games are more computer-savvy than regular consumers and people who use games are already familiar with practical use cases for crypto-concepts – csgo skins as NFTs, etc.

At the $SNS, we seek to build a community-owned Sui Name Service that will act as your digital identity for crypto gaming services and products, or as I like to call it – Gmail for Crypto Gaming. Right now, we’re starting out as a name service for Sui, but our goal is to create an eco-system of products on Sui that you can access via your web browser by the “.sui” top-level domain – each “.sui” registration will control its equivalent “.sui” TLD as well.
We will connect Web2 to Web3 with Community Oversight.
Epic Games? Blizzard? Steam? These all serve as game launchers and marketplaces to some extent. What do they all have in common? A profile system on each of them where you can message friends, view their inventories of skins / in-game items and achievements and send/confirm trades. All of these things would be so natural to build on Sui. And our name service will be that digital identity platform. Our vision is for 5+ years, but we will realize it… and we want you to be a part of the process as we do it.
So how do you get involved?
Register your own domain, be active in the discord, and engage with our tweets. We’re looking at all of these things and honestly, that’s all it takes to be involved in this vision right now. It may get a little more rewarding as we get to governance [trust ;)], but hop on the ship and have a good time, and we’ll be happy to have you!