A service to simplify your web3 identity, website, or wallet


Sui Name Service (SuiNS) is built to simplify your web3 and blockchain experience by providing a re-imagining of decentralized identity services on the web.

Built different

The SuiNS team doesn’t want to build “just another Name Service” on “just another blockchain”. That’s one of the main reasons we chose Sui. Sui’s object model, move language, processing speeds, and near instant finality allows for new applications and use cases that were never possible.

In our case, we researched existing platforms and found that most services use Domain Names as a catch-all for digital properties. Some may be a website, others a profile, most are adopted as Usernames. SuiNS is building a Name Service that focuses first on our users. We want to build for the next-generation of users that will utilize Blockchain for online gaming.


.sui > We noticed early on that Name Services on the blockchain were being adopted as Usernames. In SuiNS your .sui name is your identity. It’s what you represent, whether that includes a username, a website, or more. By bringing focus we can add utility to the .sui name that will delight our users. This includes:

  • Never having to manage multiple usernames

  • Never having to memorize complex passwords

  • AND never having to worry about your assets > just jump in the game (with ALL your gear) and be ready to kick some butt!

Further integration with your favorite services (Wallets, NFT Marketplaces) gives users a simple way to track their assets while removing the anxiety of losing money because you fat-finger in a complicated wallet address.


.move > Keeping with our focus: we felt that the same simplification for Users and wallet addresses made a whole bunch of sense for Objects on Sui. Objects on Sui can now be identified by a simple .move extension as opposed to a long and complicated 20 character ObjectID. The same benefits as mentioned above apply: locating and identifying a Object on Sui becomes a whole lot easier. It also gives us the capability to start building a Index of known and commonly used objects. We are hoping to provide value for the developer experience as well and are curious to hear from folks developing on Sui