Dedicated to constructing a metaverse portal on Aptos


SynthMeta is a DeFi infrastructure built on asset synthesis algorithms, consisting of four major modules, Synth Minter, Synth Exchange, Synth NFT, Initial Synthetic Offering (ISO).SynthMeta is focused to building a finance portal that bridges the traditional financial and crypto worlds via exchanges, NFTs, and project finance platforms.

Synth Minter


By depositing overcollateral, users can generate synthetic stable coins (such as mUSD).
SynthMinter, by combining Liquidation and a payout guarantee mechanism, ensures that each mUSD token is backed by excess collaterals, thereby stabilizing the mUSD price at $1.
SynthMinter also includes a Vault feature, which allows user collateral to earn the highest return on the chain.

Synth Exchange


Users can participate in synthetic asset trading in two ways.
mAssets’ price behavior corresponds to that of real-world assets, which can be created by depositing collateral and opening positions.
Users can also buy mUSD (Synth stablecoin) directly and trade mAssets in the exchange.
All types of assets can be traded on the blockchain at open and transparent prices by traders around the world. Traders can participate in asset investments without owning the native assets or incurring the time and risk associated with switching funds to the market.

Synth NFT

The current NFT market size is $40 billion, but it faces challenges such as a lack of application scenarios and poor liquidity. Synth NFT is dedicated to resolving these issues using synthetic asset-based modules.