Ancient Dynasties


P2E collection celebrating 7 ancient civilisations


Original OG Collection Overview

After a shocking defeat in the “Battle Of Dexterity”, Thumbs were forced to flee the forefingers and retreat to the South Hand Wasteland. With resentment towards their dextrous counterparts growing by the day, and finger food in short supply, Thumbs have turned against themselves.
Thumb Wars originally minted almost a year ago. Since, the team have been working behind the scenes on the Ancient Dynasties collection with significantly more detailed & engaging art, developing valuable utilities, and curating our three P2E (play-to-earn) games

Original Project Overview

Our vision & ultimate objective was always to build towards the Ancient Dynasties collection. Nonetheless, since our free mint we’ve acheived more than most free mint projects could dream of. Notably, reaching a 0.5SOL floor price & entering MagicEdens top 5 trending collections.

We invested 100% of any royalties earned and thousands in personal funds to create value & ongoing demand for the OG collection. Notable developments:

-> Custom (non-custodial) staking platform
-> Custom raffle site (compatible with any SPL token)
-> P2E game (ThumbBird)
-> Raid2Earn & Discord reward bots.

We’ve gained a great deal of experience through trial, error, testing, failure & success. We’ve formed strong relationships with our community, other projects, likeminded founders & degens alike, and somehow managed to navigate through a seemingly neverending bear market…