An Advance Cross-chain AMM with next-generation Multichain
GameFi reward Aptos, Sui and Linera


There are 3 development teams vying to launch the fastest, cheapest and most secure Layer 1 blockchain. They are Aptos, SUI and Linera. They are all born out of Facebook/Meta’s blockchain development team.

Aptos launched on 18 October 2022, SUI will launch in early 2023 and Linera will launch in mid 2023.

TidalSwap will be the first Automated Market Maker to launch on Aptos, SUI and Linera. We are operating in their Testnet environments and we are preparing ourselves to go-live with Aptos, SUI and Linera as they go-live.
TidalSwap will focus on supporting native tokens on Aptos, SUI and Linera. We will provide deep liquidity pools for these native tokens. We will also provide cross-chain support between Aptos, SUI and Linera. TidalSwap has a strong, capable and well-advised team with significant blockchain experience. We are releasing 35,000,000 $TIDAL tokens to raise $13,000,000.