Tortuga Finance


Liquid Staking on Aptos


TortugaFinance is building the premiere non-custodial liquid staking protocol on AptosLabs. Aptos Labs is a next generation layer 1 blockchain engineered for safety and scalability. The developer experience is best-in-class with Move.


Every AptosLabs user, DAO, and DeFi protocol should be able to earn native staking yield with minimal tradeoffs.

Staking needs to work for all users, regardless of whether they run their own validator, how many tokens they own, or their liquidity preference.



A PoS system is only as secure as the value of stake backing it. TortugaFinance will increase the security of AptosLabs by making staking a no-brainer.


Validators decide the state of the chain. If this power is in the hands of the few, a blockchain is just a glorified database.

Solution via Tortuga Finance

Tortuga Finance:

  • enables anyone to stake on Aptos, even if you don’t have 1 million APT
  • allows you to stake with one click
  • enables stakers to stay staked while participating in DeFi

As you hold tAPT, more rewards will accrue to the protocol. Later, trading out of tAPT or unstaking your tAPT will return some rewards earned through staking.