A keyless multichain web3 wallet that brings ease of use and security


Volt is a Bitcoin and multi-chain crypto wallet in your Browser.
Volt is a wallet that grandma can use by removing key management responsibility away from end users. It is as easy to set up and use as any other apps we use daily.

What can Volt do that other wallets can’t?

Secure Without SPF
No one can steal your assets from Volt as:
1- there is no private key(no single point of failure)
2- Your facial id is connected to your Volt account.

Easy Recovery
You’ll never lose your assets from Volt even if your device is lost, recover by a simple scan of your face.

Asset Inheritable
Asset succession plans set up in advance to be transferred to your loved ones in case of unforeseen events.

Multiple Account Support
You can create multiple account asset management units under same account.

Shared Accounts
More flexible and secure asset management through layered payment approval by different members, it is similar to multisig but much more powerful, able to process unlimited transactions by remaining online 24/7 while ensuring security.

Multi-Platform Coverage
Volt is available on Web browser, Mac, Windows, IOS app store and majority of Android stores including Google Play Store.

How Secure is Volt?

Volt scans your face and securely records and stores the abstracted data during the registration process.

When sensitive actions connected with your accounts such as a recovery or sending large amount of asset is detected, Volt will require a new facial scan to always ensure the original owner is initiating these important actions.

Threshold Signature (TTS)

There are no private keys generated upon account creation and during all signing process.

This solution provides better security and privacy compared with private key based accounts and p2sh based multisig solutions.


Trusthold + Threshold Signatures

Trusthold is a service that provides key slice storage, transaction signing and account recovery.

Why we need Trusthold: With threshold signatures, we get rid of a single point failure risk by making signature signing possible without a full private key.

In order to do so, the key is split into several parts upon account creation and stored with different trusthold parties and the user device.

In such way, there’s no single point of failure and even if a user lost their device or backup, their asset can still be recovered through trusthold key share computation.