Collection of Tools for Creating Digital Assets Easier


WAV3 Creator Studio is to help creators effortlessly launch their NFTs within the Aptos ecosystem.


WAV3 Generator

  • Intuitive trait control for your artwork generation for unlimited number of traits;
  • Freely store your metadata on APTOS, IPFS, or Arweave;
  • Multiple plug-in support: supports popular plug-ins such as Figma, PhotoShop, etc.
  • Server support: thousands of servers to support your generation process so that your work will be done in just a matter of seconds.

WAV3 Whitelist

The WAV3 Whitelist enables creators to setup whitelists for their project in a hassle-free and convenient manner. With the WAV3 Whitelist tool, a creator can automate the process of creating and collecting whitelist from applicants. produce their own whitelists and either add them into a marketplace’s Launchpad or distribute directly to their own community. Furthermore, WAV3 is working closely with various institutions within the Aptos ecosystem to enable NFT whitelists generated through WAV3 Creator Studio to be directly shown on various wallets and marketplaces.

Additional features of the WAV3 Whitelist tool includes:

  • Comprehensive support towards Twitter, Discord and Telegram, allowing users to directly link these platforms to the NFT to perform tasks and events for participants;
  • Key metrics tracking: allowing the creator to track key metrics such as number of registrants, whitelist impressions, etc. and generate customized reports.

WAV3 Launchpad

  • Customized mint page: create your own and unique mint page for your NFT collection;
  • Multi-sig support for NFT minting and launch, providing creators with additional safe guarantee;
  • Free-mints function: allowing creator to enable freemint for community;
  • Customized reveal strategy: whether you want an early reveal or a delayed reveal, we will let the creators pick the option that’s right for you;
  • Airdrop tokens: enable creator to freely give airdrops to specified wallets;
  • Multi-phase sale: creators will be able to set various sale phases for their NFTs including (but not limited to) pre-sale, public sale, etc…
  • Configure on-chain royalty: creators will be able to split their primary sale revenue by adding as many wallet addresses as they like and determine percentage split for various parties.